Wedding Portfolio

A wedding is not just an event, it's a story. With so many characters and chapters. Each detail has been meticulously planned over weeks, months, sometimes even years and people specifically invited to form part of your wedding day story. Therefor they all deserve to be recognised and recorded for who ever might page through your wedding story in future. For when the day is done and the dust on the dance floor has settled, all we have left are our memories and when the memories fade, the photos become our memories.

full length portrait of the bride in the olive grove at this Eight Willows Retreat wedding
Bride and her father walking down the steps at this White Elephant Cafe wedding
Black and white of the bride putting her shoes on in the halway
Bride and all her bridesmaids portrait at this Nikola Estate wedding
Landscape image of the bride and groom on the jetty at the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht club wedding
Bride and groom embracing by the pond at this Aravina Estate wedding
Bride and groom in the reception room at their Mandoon Estate Wedding
Bride and groom laughing and walking at this Mulberry Estate Wedding
Bride and groom portrait on the balcony at this Como the Treasury wedding
Bride and her bridesmaids