This Oakover Grounds Wedding was strangely overcast - strange because it was a summer wedding, in Perth (who could ever expect an overcast day??) You often hear people say that a cloudy day is the best for photos and for some this may be true, I personally enjoy some sunlight to add a bit flair but I'll take what I can get! Don't get me wrong, cloudy days are great as long as the clouds don't bring rain...unfortunately you can't control the weather.

Charmaine and Luke had the perfect start to their carefully planned and long awaited wedding day. The girls had so much fun getting ready. They were relaxed and enjoying being pampered and that's exactly how you should be on your wedding day - relaxed, don't sweat the small stuff! Even when Charmaine handed her dad the wrong wedding day gift, caused by a small mix up, she was able to laugh it off and enjoy just having her dad there.

I do have to add that this was the first wedding where the photographer came in extra handy as a booze-courier: collecting Vodka from the groom so the girls could make some much need espresso martinis. (I always do say that I'm here to help before, on and after your wedding day, even if it is to quench a desperate thirst ;-))

Their choice of venue was excellent! The ceremony setup on the island for this Oakover grounds wedding was beautiful! We did get a couple of rain drops but nothing was going to stand in the way of Luke marrying his beautiful bride and the guests weren't bother by a few drops either.

Thanks to this amazing team, the day was beautiful:

Florist: Katharina at Flower Nation

Dress: Tuscany Bridal

Hair & Makup: Bridgid from Total Brides

Celebrant: Erin Lovell from Eternal love celebrancy

Annelize Barron Photography xx