Often couples say they feel awkward und unphotogenic when it comes to having their photo taken.  That’s why I’m here to help you!  As your professional photographer you should feel safe in my hands, in front of my camera.


Confirming our engagement session, Adriana told me that they were a bit nervous about the session.  Naturally I wondered why but then I remembered at our first meeting, they told me that they both feel awkward and unphotogenic in front of the camera (a good reason why an initial meeting is so important, it’s the perfect opportunity to voice your likes and dislikes so I know exactly how to get it right for you).  I assured her that they would be fine and the best they could do is to just be yourselves.  At the end of the day, I don’t want to turn you into “posers” if that’s not what you naturally are.  My mission at an engagement session/wedding/party etc. is to capture you the way you are.  I only have 1 way to tell your story to an onlooker and that through images.  I really want someone looking through your photos to go, aaah I can see what kind of couple they are and I can really see what the best parts of their relationship looks like.


So, nerves aside, which only took a couple of minutes to shake off, Adriana and Liam really embraced the setting, the prompts where needed and their time together.  Here are some of the highlights from their session.  (Adriana also took this photo session as the perfect opportunity to try out her makeup artist and the style of makeup for her wedding day, clever girl!)






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