Fremantle is a hidden gem! It’s pretty much just outside Perth, it’s fairly easy to get to and has a completely different look and feel from the city. With it’s old school charm, street art, cute coffee shops and cool little laneways, it’s definitely one of the most picture worthy urbanscapes in Western Australia.  


Fremantle’s Instagramable vibes is not the only reason why we decided on a Fremantle Engagement session for S & B; they are also getting married in Fremantle (at Kidogo Arthouse) so they wanted to get to know the area a little better and take photos at the same time. Usually I suggest a different location for your engagement session to the location of your wedding, but I always take the lead from my couples and in this instance, it worked out great. 


To truly enjoy and take in the atmosphere of Fremantle, you’re best of getting out of your car and walking. Unfortunately, most photos sessions have a time restriction so in order to visit as many of Fremantle’s best photo spots in a small time frame, you’ll have to get your walk on! S & B were definitely up for to the task so we managed to cover quite a bit of ground in their session, allowing us to stop at far more cute spots in their engagement session than we would be able to on their wedding day.  Because we were able to fit some many of my favourite spots into their engagement session, they were then able to pick which areas they liked best for their wedding photos. An excellent 2 in 1 deal!


When planning your engagement session, it’s always a good idea to carefully consider what you are going to wear for the shoot.  Keep in mind what you plan to do with the photos afterwards and dress according to that. I always send my couples a wardrobe guide and am over the moon when then actually use it to plan their outfits. When planning a Fremantle engagement session, keep in mind that there may be a bit of walking involved – that really is the only way to get the most out of this location.


Enjoy this walk through this part of Fremantle through my photos of Stephanie & Brayden.


Annelize Barron Photography xx


Fremantle Engagement Session couple on the beach
Fremantle engagement session coupl on the stairs at the round house
Couple walking behind the round house
Fremantle Engagement session couple in front of the Round House
Fremantle engagement session couple kissing in front of an old building
couple laughing in front of a sandstone wall
Fremantle engagement session couple in front of a door on Cliff street
couple in a laneway on their Fremantle engagement session
couple cuddling during their Fremantle engagement session
Couple standing in front of a blue garage door
couple having fun during their Fremantle Engagement session
Couple at sunset by the ocean looking back at Fremantle
Couple laughing at the ocean in Fremantle
Couple's portrait at the ocean in Fremantle