This was the perfect day for a Fremantle wedding and the location suited these 2 to the tee!  We started the day at the brides house to capture the getting ready part of the day followed by a few images of the groom getting ready too.  From there we headed to Fremantle to the Holy Spirit Chapel at Notre Dame University for the ceremony.  It was a formal ceremony which I felt suited the setting of the formal old buildings of Fremantle perfectly.


Holly and Shaun love little bars and restaurants and that’s why they chose Fremantle as their wedding location.  To make the most of this chosen location, they wanted to have their bridal photos taking in and around the area too.  I always find when taking photos in Fremantle, that it’s easier to just walk from stop to stop, so that’s exactly what we did.  After the ceremony and congratulations, Holly changed her shoes and off we went.  Walking the streets on my planned route and stopping where planned for a photo.


I love this neck of the woods, other than wedding photos, it’s ideal for more lifestyle kind of images.  The buildings have beautiful character, the restaurants and people and colourful and there is a great variety of “looks”.


Following the very successful bridal photo session, we headed to Moore & Moore for the reception.  As they had quite a few guests form overseas attending, they personally wanted to welcome their guests which I thought was such a beautiful personal touch and I’m sure they all appreciated it.


Moore & Moore is a great little spot for an intimate wedding.  There are a few different nooks and crannies to move between and you definitely feel like you are in Fremantle!


Holly wore a beautiful ‘party’ wedding dress so she could make some shapes on the dance floor later that evening and believe me, she sure did!


Here are some of the highlights from this somewhat European-feeling wedding.


Annelize Barron

Moments Photography